Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Comments! I haz them!

I just noticed some of you commented! On my lunches! I love it. I think I answered everyone's questions.

Tomorrow's lunch is a sort of chef's salad, I guess -- if I'm the chef, I can call it that, right?

Baby spinach with gorgonzola and sliced, hard-boiled egg (I even buy these pre-cooked and peeled), sliced black forest ham and croutons, separated so they don't get icky in the fridge overnight, Greek yogurt that expires tomorrow (I must learn to figure out what date it is when I'm grocery shopping. I thought I had another week on this stuff!), and a square or two of dark chocolate in the tiniest compartment.

The husband's lunch has all the silverware and napkins, mine has the vinaigrette in the Goodbyn drink box.

I have to buy some more quick-prep fruits and veggies, and smaller quantities. I get sick of strawberries and bananas when I eat them day after day.

What fruits and veggies are you guys loving lately? You can tell me in the comments. ;)

Monday, July 12, 2010

A little break from lunching

We had a death in the family two weeks ago today, so it was all I could do to eat lunch, let alone pack one. I'm back, though, after getting thoroughly sick of restaurant food.

Tomorrow's lunch is a perfectly ripe banana (with fork, spoon, and napkin), pita crisps, Trader Joe's belgian chocolate pudding, spinach salad (vinaigrette on the side), and salami and provolone, quartered nicely with kitchen shears, to top the pita. Gummy vitamins in the smallest compartment, so we don't forget to take them. Quick and simple, but I'm looking forward to it.