Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mediterranean Monday

I didn't have time to fuss or cook anything, so this one took less than five minutes to put together.

From top to bottom, left to right, this is: two squares of caramel-filled chocolate, napkin, fork, and individual pack of hummus (chickpea dip/spread); tzatziki (garlic cucumber yogurt dip) and falafel (chickpea/veggie patties); baby carrots, mini pita bread, and tabbouleh (parsley, tomato, and bulghur salad).

Everything was pre-made, so I just had to buy it and portion it out. We buy most of our groceries at Trader Joe's and Costco, and keep an eye on the bottom line. So even though this isn't very homemade, it's still less spendy than a restaurant lunch. Probably on par with fast food, but much more fun and healthier.

Just FYI, I'll run the numbers to see how much this lunch cost.

Mini pita bread is $2.60 per 8 oz bag, and this is one-third of a bag = .86
Carrots were $1 per 16 oz bag, and this is not even a quarter of a bag = .25
Tabbouleh was $5 for 21 oz, and this is one-tenth of that = .50
Falafel was $10 for 2 lbs (~30 patties), so three patties = $1
Tzatzki, for such a tiny amount, I'm going to have to guess = .25
Hummus was $5 for 2 lbs (16 little containers) = .31
Chocolate? There is no amount I would not pay for good chocolate, and that is all I have to say about that.

Each lunch = $3.17

Oh, and the ambiance of the practically private park across the street from my office, sharing food with my hubby on a picnic blanket, with plenty of time to lie down during my lunch hour and look at the leaves and clouds? You can't buy that, not even at Costco.


  1. Can you share where you purchased the single serve hummus? I've never seen those before!


  2. I got it at Costco! And it really was slightly less expensive than the big tub. :)