Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Too tired to say much tonight...

But I did get a photo! Pictured are two lunches (duh), my husband's and my own. I photographed them both because we're going to share the stuff that is different.

Both of us have mixed green salads with gorgonzola, croutons (bottom left compartment), lemon chicken (bottom right compartment), and vinaigrette (in the orange drink bottle).

We'll share the strawberries and pita with hummus. I get salty dark chocolate, he gets caramel-filled milk chocolate. Maybe I'll trade him, though... He's so cool about stuff like that.

This week I'm feeling really overwhelmed and short on time, but all the lunches I've made have only taken 5-10 minutes to put together. It's really worth it. My pants are feeling a little loose, and I'm never hungry during the day. In fact, my biggest lunch-related problem has been finishing everything I pack!

So, if anyone's out there reading, what are you bringing for lunch tomorrow? What brings you here?

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  1. I'll play! I am here because I was looking for advice from the Pesties and saw you had a new blog! And I am working tomorrow, so although it will not be really that Bento, I will be bringing a big salad (spring mix, local zucchini and yellow squash, local broccoli, and avocado), some Justin's nut butter and a bagel thin, some local strawberries, and some Triscuits.